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Alopecia is a frequently misunderstood condition since the term refers to hair loss in general; therefore, scalp micropigmentation’s entire purpose is to address all form of alopecia. However, the most recognized forms of alopecia are those that result in total hair loss of the scalp and/or of the entire body. These varieties of alopecia, one being alopecia totalis and the other known as alopecia universalis are believed to be the result of an auto-immune disorder that attacks the hair follicles and renders them entirely dormant. The condition may be permanent or temporary and there is no way for medical practitioners to know or predict what the future holds for an alopecia sufferer. What we do know, however, is that clients with alopecia require a unique and careful approach for doing scalp micropigmentation due to the sensitivity of the skin of the scalp for clients with the condition. 

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Whether male or female, all alopecia clients now have a hair loss solution that does not require surgery, does not require topical medications which can harm the skin and are expensive, is not invasive and is highly cost effective. Just as with full male pattern baldness a hairline is created to best suit the client’s bone structure and features. Working within that hairline over the course of 3 to 5 treatment sessions, the artist builds density all over the scalp using complementary hues of pigment to build a natural finish. We use only the finest products, equipment, and post-care in order to ensure long lasting results. Our alopecia clients are always amazed at the realism we can create, giving them the look of a close hair cut.  Smiles abound when we can help our clients achieve an on-trend look that requires little to no maintenance.

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