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Scarring of the scalp is quite common among former hair transplantation patients as it is a surgically invasive procedure with dubious results. However, we also see clients who have full or partial hair loss who may have suffered injuries resulting in visible and sometimes troubling scars. Due to its job of protecting the most important organ of the body, the skin of scalp is extremely vascular, so an injury is likely to leave scar. Scalp micropigmentation for scarring has a two-fold benefit.  Firstly, since a scar is unlikely to produce any hair, we are able to implant tattooed follicles to the area masking the scar entirely. However, even more remarkably is that the act of tattooing the scar itself releases some of the fibrous tissue that characterises a scar thus softening it. In some cases, this might be sufficient to stimulate some hair growth.

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Scalp micropigmentation for scarring can be done on localized areas in order to eliminate the appearance of the scalp amid the existing hair. It can be done as part of a larger scale treatment for hair loss such as for clients with alopecia or full scalp baldness. Always natural, always skillfully done, always extraordinarily realistic, SMP is a solution that makes absolute sense for scars of the scalp and it is the safest, longest lasting, lowest maintenance and cost-effective remedy available.

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