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It is less common for women to experience hair loss than it is for men, but it does occur and is often characterised by a receding hairline known as frontal fibrosing alopecia. This type of hair loss is generally a result of age or heredity but can also be caused by hormonal fluctuations. It is distressing for most women. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can entirely eliminate the appearance of the scalp skin beneath the existing hair. Known as a density treatment, the artist uses pigments in varying hues to implant tattooed hair follicles on the affected area of the scalp. 

Following a series of treatments to build density gradually and naturally, our lady clients are free to style their hair as they like.  Pulled back or when faced with a gust of wind, all anyone sees is what appears exactly like hair blending in with existing hair. 

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It is common for clients to book SMP just prior to beginning chemotherapy treatments when hair loss is expected. By preparing for the inevitable it is one less distressing side effect of an emotional journey. Combined with microblading for eyebrows, a woman battling cancer can forget about looking for wigs or learning how to apply eyebrow cosmetics.

The procedures are conducted the same as SMP for men, but with slightly more density in order to create hyper-realism. Before the evolution of SMP there were few to no suitable treatments for women facing hair loss. Wigs interfere with lifestyle; topical medications are expensive and require a long-term commitment.  SMP addresses the concern simply, cost-effectively and for the long term.

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